Home Appliances
Juicer 3260
Stay healthy with Usha and make the most out of your fruits and vegetables with this range of sleek and elegant juicers.
Halogen Oven 3212
Treat your taste buds with sumptuous dishes cooked
in an Usha Halogen Oven. It preserves essential
nutrients in food and cooks faster with air fry
technology or the hot air method of cooking
i.e.Halogen air.
Deep Fryer 3215
Presenting the best solution for your frying needs, the
all new Usha Deep Fryer which absorbs lesser oil
compared to the conventional method of cooking in a
metal pan (kadhai).
Electric Pressure Cooker 3250
Rajma, chholey, dal, rice, soup, chicken, meat,
anything and everything you want, cook it easily with
pre-set cooking options in the Usha Electric Pressure